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EJ and Daughters' Home Improvements

There are two parties I want happy when my work is completed.  Primarily you. But, also me.  My 'numbers' are fair-minded, and arrived at with experience and effort. 

THE NUMBERS & QSP (quality, service, price)
I am happy to discuss NUMBERS.  I recently obtained 2 estimates for a set of windows for Pat (name changed).  Same supplier, same estimator.  There was a $10,000 difference.  It was due to a slight configuration change -same quality & service.
Pat was happy with the change, and we installed the windows. Pat SAVED! and WAS HAPPY!  Time spent with the customer and a good relationship with the supplier benefitted us all!

I am happy to discuss my estimates & quotes with you!

If you want an estimate, I'm happy to provide one.
I am also happy to provide my knowledge.

Well Being:
I come into your home, yard or business.  As my business grows I also refer and use a trusted group of sub-contractors.  They are professional business people that perform quality work.




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