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EJ and Daughters' Home Improvements
References / Referrals

 Want to speak with these folks, I'll put you in touch!
From note
"Dear EJ, Thank you for your expert workmanship!   You took care of our home as if it were your own.
Sincerely Don & Fran"
"Dear EJ,  I don't have to hold anything back.  I trust you implicitly, ...  Thank you for my beautiful deck - I love it!"
 --- Evelyn C
From customer e-mail: 
"...did tile work for us.  nice job.
kc"---Kurt C


Call me and Ask for a phone number, I'm happy to refer folks I trust to treat you right.

If a job is different than what I do, I refer a small number of craftsmen. 

I need to know them and their work before they are referred. Feedback about any referral is strongly encouraged.




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